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DonnaDrake's Anthology.

Amazing King.
Children's novelette - about a boy "Binton Clill" (a name derivative of Bill Clinton) who lives in the village "Hoffen" (German- "Hope") (the same name town Bill Clinton is from in AR) & falls in love with Princess Faith from the great castle "Sensho" (Japanese- "Victory").  Binton tackles the maze "Cinta Colorado" (Spanish- "Red Tape") for the reigning King George XLI (President George H.W. Bush).  The idea that the "red tape" has become more and more cumbersome thru' years of 'unchanged' ideology (hence King George I (Washington) thru' King George XLI (Bush) & politics neede a fresh change, Binton.  A tho't to change the King to King George LXIII (George W. Bush) and Obrack Bahama... but let me think on it.  The Hawaiian word "hope" means "posterior" or "deeds without a result" (I'm looking for good moral puns, not humor in my use of words).  Yes, I was a bit cruel by using King Ignoble III to represent King George III of England, but how ironic (not to mention confusing for a young reader) for his actual name to be King George?  I had to change it & with much toil I used Ignoble which means (not noble or deserving nobility).

Denny's Night?
A Novella about friends that meet at Denny's (restaurant) and how that plays into the lives of those friends in fun, romance & tragedy. 

The Family Tree (And Other Wildlife).
A novelette for children about the Hughes family, main character- Melanie and her 4 siblings, and their humorous life.  This is the first of a series on this family.  None of the others have been started, but hopefully soon will be as this is a fun work to write.  In this story Melanie battles the diverse personalities of friends, family & even herself as she tries too hard & unnecessarily to make good her mistakes.  It's a look into the desperate mind of a child that believes she has not only ruined Christmas, but it is her duty do save it.

News From The Red Planet.
A novelette about a trial for WillyToad* regarding an escape attempt from his home on Mars on board a secret mission.  The work is written as news paper clippings on the trial.  It was a series of email I sent to friends/family while deployed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1997.  At the end of my tour I put the email together to form this book.  Dubbed IPNS (Inter-Planetary News Service) as a working title, I later renamed it "News From The Red Planet" which was the subject line on my email.

Fearless Wings.
A Novella sequel to "Denny's Night?" with a twist (of course).

All For Love.
A Novel still in progress about a group of girls in a small town high school and their adversities in life.  The town is home to both farmers and Air Force kids which creates many unique relationships.  The main character, Donna Lee Love, is a model of my step-mother, Donna.  She is the town sheriff's daughter and the leader of the group of girls.  This work covers all the love, life & tragedy the gilrs can handle from their freshman through their senior years.

Knobby & Sunny.
A short-story for children about a cat and a polar bear who set out to find a place in the world where they can both be happy.  They find that climatic is as much in the heart as in the world.

bedtime stories.
A collection of short-stories/flash-fiction for children based on stories I've made up, most of which were made up for my sons, Billy* & Justin* when they were young children.
"Rasmus, the Basketball Playing Cow."
"Potato Guys."
"No Story."
"Knock Out Questions."
"Mean Witch Ivy."
"Stinky Vicky."

A novella still in progress about a poet who on his bus trip to join the Army gives a complete stranger, Emily- a girl on the bus, a love poem (called "The Girl On The Bus.") with a request for her to stay in contact.  Having never spoken to the girl, he did not suspect that the letters he was receiving were not from the girl on the bus.  However the girl who posed as Emily has befallen love into both of their hearts.  What happens when they meet is where trust is broken and love meets tragedy.

True Angels.
A novel still in progress about the hierarchy of angels and a soul's struggle to become a true angel.

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." -Mark Twain