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…this is a SmokeytheToad™ production.

Welcome to...
"SmokeytheToad Productions"!
   This site is designed to celebrate publishing the works of
WillyToad & DonnaDrake
pseudonyms for Billy Pauley Jr.!
   Take time to visit each author page to learn more about the works/author.  Publishing dates for works are announced here as they become available with links to websites where you may purchase the works.

The works on this website are under the proprietorship of Smokey the Toad Productions.  Total rights and liberties of the works are under the sole possession of William Franklin Pauley Jr.  .  William Franklin Pauley Jr. is also known as Billy Pauley Jr. , DonnaDrakeY and WillyToad.  All rights reserved.  No other source may reproduce, copy, or reprint the works with copyright notice   and/or trademark notice  by any means, to include facsimile, electronic or digital methods. Unpublished Works, 2009, Billy Pauley Jr.

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Please get in touch to offer comments and questions to the author.

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." -Mark Twain